• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024


Just know it…

Irshalwadi village in Khalapur tehsil, Maharastra severely affected by landslide at midnight on July 19.Tragic death in sleep.

According to officials, the landslide occurred on Wednesday, July 19 at Irshalwadi village around 11 p.m.

Till now 15-20 were feared dead due to landslide and 20 persons  are severely injured . Rescue operation going on by NDRF. Weather creating difficulty for air rescue operations. CM of Maharstra, Mr. Shinde rushed to the village.

More than 120 people are trapped . So far 27 people have been rescued.

Irshalwadi village was a large settlement of 30 to 35 tribal houses. It seems 90 percent of the village is buried due to landslide. This accident may cause massive loss of life.

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